Discover Telerie Spadari Milano exquisite bed linens.

A guide to discover your favorite bed linens.

The marriage of quality fabrics, Made in Italy craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics distinctive of TSM textiles represents the choice of excellence.

Linen? Percale? Satin?
Bed linen is a personal decision: for over seventy years we have been accompanying our customers in the selection of their favorite textiles, providing them with technical information and targeted suggestions based on their individual sleeping preferences.

Discover below some useful tips to choose yours!

The perfect material.

Find out the differences between fabrics, explained by our expert sales associates.

“Our wrinkled linen – has undergone a stone wash treatment – and is a fabric obtained from a fine yarn with a long fiber that provides resistance. Naturally breathable, fresh, lightweight, and able to absorb moisture, this set is perfect for those who wish to experience a pleasant roughness sensation. This fabric has a weight of 178 gr / sqm, which is one of the best qualities available.The linen set gives a contemporary and effortless look to the bedroom, and it does not require ironing.”

“Pure cotton satin by TSM is an extremely compact, smooth, and shiny fabric. Effortlessly gliding on the skin, this fabric represents the ideal choice for those who prefer a tactile sensation of silkiness. The use of a particular quality of fabric, obtained using only long and thin threads – 300 thread count – makes this satin one of the finest available. Select this set for a luxurious and refined bedroom look”.

“TSM’s pure cotton percale is an extremely fine fabric, fresh and crunchy to the touch. The ideal choice for those who wish to experience a light and enveloping sleep, thanks to the 200 thread counts fine quality of the yarn. This material represents, the perfect visual and tactile synthesis between excellence and delicacy, giving the bedroom a lively and youthful atmosphere”.


Made in Italy excellence in Milan since 1946.

Tradition, quality and Italian style; Telerie Spadari Milano store, for over seventy years has been the landmark for fabrics and household linen.
Skilled craftsmen and certified suppliers give life to Made in Italy or ready-for-purchase made-to-measure products.
Telerie Spadari Milano products, offer premium quality materials which embody an iconic style that transcends seasonal trends, building a concept of long life over time.

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